Dog in Nature
The Holistic Approach to Canine Therapy  

When your vet can't find a cause or a cure...

When the methods your Behaviourist have taught you aren't being effective...

When your world has shrunk because your dog can't cope with social situations...

When a walk in the park becomes an absolute nightmare...

When you feel you can't cope any more...

There is an answer...

If you feel like you've reached the end of the line with your dog, book in for a free, no obligation telephone consultation with Julie to find out how you and your dog can achieve healthy happiness in every area of your lives.  

For Physical Illnesses & Ailments

Both humans and animals are designed to self-heal. Whether it's re-growing skin over a cut, fighting off a fever or fixing a broken bone, it all just seems to happen and we rarely give any thought as to how.


Sometimes, recovering doesn't happen as quickly as we would like or expect, and this is because of blockages that slow down or even stop the process. 

By removing the blockages and boosting the immune system, the body can heal rapidly and thoroughly, and be at it's absolute best to fight off any further illnesses.  

  • Allergies

  • Ear/Eye Infections

  • Skin Infections

  • Stomach Upsets

  • Seizures

  • Arthritis

  • Joint/Mobility 

  • Relieving Pain

  • End of Life Care


"Emil hasn't had a seizure for three weeks now. It's totally amazing, I can't believe how difference this has made. I was sceptical at first because I'd not heard of it, but so pleased I gave it a go. I can't thank you enough."

"I don't know what you did or how you did it but Martha has been allergy free for months now. No itching or scratching and shes sooo much happier in herself."

For Psychological & Behavioural Issues
  • Have you consulted with behaviourists and trainers and found that your dog is on such 'high alert' he's not even paying you any attention? 

  • Have you tired all sorts of distractions, aids and gadgets, but found they may have helped but not completely resolved the problem?

  • Have you stopped going for walks when you want to, and instead sneak out early morning or last thing at night so you can avoid other dogs and people?

  • Do you keep your blinds and curtains closed to stop your dog constantly looking for 'dangers' to alert you to?

  • Do you dread people coming to visit because you don't want them to trigger a reactive response in your dog? 

  • Have you stopped going out because your dog can't be left home alone? ​


Teach your dog like you would your child...with love, patience and understanding

Natural energy healing can help with all of these issues. Book a free, no obligation consultation call with Julie to find out how you can reconnect with your dog and enjoy the relationship you both deserve.  


"Our Afghan Hound, Shari, would not leave the house to go for walks, or would stop, dig her heels in and refuse to keep going, completely terrified.

It was distressing for us and we were at our wits end not knowing how to help. 

After about three sessions with Julie, Shari started becoming more confident, and after a few more sessions we had a puppy who would leave the house and go for a walk.

Although walks aren't her favourite thing, and there is still work to do in building Shari's confidence, Julie's therapy undoubtedly helped to reduce her anxiety to a level we could work with going forward, and helped her come out of her shell.

Thank you so much Julie!"


She was just a superstar all day, showing no signs of anxiety or fear. Just a couple of times she was reluctant to get back in the car, but that could easily have been because she'd been having so much fun on the beach!"


"Just had a great walk. Sniffed a bigger tan dog with no reaction and the owner who was a man. Then I was chatting to someone and we had 4 other dogs around us different sizes and Tinks just sniffed."

"Hi Julie, just thought I should mention that we definitely heard fireworks again last night. We were in the lounge with the tv on. Juno was asleep in the dining room after a 5-6 mile walk. Normally she'd be instantly wide awake and showing anxiety. Last night she didn't react at all."

Huskies 2.jpeg

"Luna is completely over her fear of loud noises and is relaxed, content and happy. She is no longer bothered at all and can be left in the garden and in the house without reacting. I will be recommending this therapy to everyone who has a noise problem with their dog."

"Before we could just about manage being 100 meters from another dog, today we are working at 30 meters. The difference is incredible!"


"Luka is happy and chilled out. Walking today we bumped into three dogs, he stayed completely relaxed and we carried on walking with them off lead. Yay!


"Lola's separation anxiety has just gone - this is how I found her when I came home from shopping. Normally I can hear her barking and crying from the driveway."


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All therapy provided by Julie Mullins is a complementary therapy and is NOT intended to replace or act as an alternative to conventional treatments given by a Vet. The Veterinary Surgery Act of 1966 (amended 1996) prohibits anyone other than a Veterinary Surgeon to diagnose ailments and giving of advice on such diagnosis. The Protection of Animals Act 1911 requires that if an animal clearly needs treatment from a Veterinary Surgeon then the owner must obtain this. Although the therapy provided by Julie Mullins is non-touch and therefore considered exempt from the Veterinary Surgery Act 1996 and the Protection of Animals Act 1911, it is still advisable to discuss the treatment with your Vet.