Happy Hounds Success Stories!

Find out how natural healing energy therapy has benefitted dogs too



"Lola had many issues including allergies to chicken, dairy and rice. She had severe separation anxiety and a fear of loud noises. After six sessions she stopped itching and scratching and obsessively licking her paws. She stopped sitting and whining by the front door when I went out, and slept through fireworks night. The transformation in her was so quick."



"Bruce was used as bait for dog fighting, and then spent a long time in kennels. He was so fearful we couldn't even let him see another dog from a distance, let alone pass one in the street. After three sessions, Bruce will watch another dog in the distance and not react. This is a great start and we can't wait to see how he progresses once he's finished his six sessions."



"Juno was terrified of loud noises, especially anything that sounded like gunshot. On fireworks night she would climb in the bath, a cupboard and even the tumble drier in a desperate attempt to feel safe.

Last fireworks night, she was a little bit nervous but stayed lying down next to us instead of running to hide."



"Luca was reactive to other dogs when out on his walks. We think it was caused by fear, and had tried several different behaviour training methods but none of them worked.

We booked Julie and noticed a difference after the first session. Luca now happily walks next to us calmly and will listen to us, rather than getting stressed."



"Tinks was finding it hard to settle into her new home. She was reactive to other dogs and fearful of men, and her guardian was so concerned about her behaviour, she didn't think it was going to work out.

Tinks had several weekly sessions and was able to approach and greet other dogs and people without reacting."



"Ollie came over from Italy, having spent the first 8 months of his life in a compound. He arrived traumatised, didn't trust anyone and was completely shut down. He wouldn't go near anyone, and had a fear of coming through doorways.

Ollie was treated to remove all fear association and trauma. He is now living his best life, loves going out to meet other people, is really good with other dogs and gives the best cuddles. He's enjoying his training too, now he's not so scared  he really listens and it's so lovely to see him so confident and settled."

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